Model Home Design Centers in Norton and Sagamore MA

Pier and Elevated Homes

In many instances, when a house being built within close proximity to a body of water, it will be in a flood zone. If there is already an existing house on the property that is being demolished to be replaced with a new home, the new house will have to comply with the flood zone regulations, even if the original house did not comply.

Typically, the house will have to be elevated. How high above the existing grade it has to go will be based on the type of flood zone it is in. RDA Inc. has built homes that are elevated as little as 3 feet and as high as 15 feet. The height of the foundation will also determine what can be done with the space under the house. Modular construction is especially well suited for these situations since the modules can be set directly on top of the piers or columns with a crane. After just one day, you have saved weeks & maybe months of time as compared to conventionally building the house by using ladders and scaffolding.

In the photos below, the bottom of the house was at least 8’ above existing grade and the space was used either for storage or garages.